Our Story....

Billy & I got married in July of 2016. We began to have a number of introspective conversations about legacy, impact, and causes we were passionate about in the world. We concluded that one way of making a tangible impact in the world (among many) is by beginning a business that was focused more on social impact than on profit maximization. Given that Billy’s country of birth was Kenya and I was interested in nutrition and loved making homemade peanut butter, we decided to start a nut butter social business that sought to financially support a Kenyan-based non-profit doing work that we were both passionate about.


Throughout the first three years of our business we have given away a total of $4,000.00 to our only Kenyan non-profit partner, Freely in Hope. This particular non-profit’s mission was to fight to end the cycle of sexual violence through Holistic Education, Leadership Development, and Storytelling. 


As we moved into 2020, we started to be increasingly aware of the fact that our home, the beautiful city of Chicago, also had many non-profits doing amazing work in our own backyard. So, this year we will be featuring TEN different Chicago based non-profits and providing our customers with an opportunity to learn about their work as well as donate to them by purchasing nut butter.


Thank you for reading about us! If you have any questions feel free to send us an email (nutmegsspreads@gmail.com) or click on the Find Us/Events tab to find out where we’ll be next and how you can come see us and purchase a jar of nut butter which is Deliciously Impactful :).